Foundation Products

Products you should have perfected prior to advertising to improve your return on investment. Includes business names, memorable URLs, logos, slogans, jingles, responsive websites, etc.

Push marketing

Advertising campaigns & marketing tactics that push potential customers (leads) into your sales funnel.  Includes radio, TV, billboard, newspaper, digital, social media, etc.

Capture & Nurture

Lead capture & marketing automation that gathers your prospect’s personal information, so your sales team can “automagically” assist them in their journey through your sales funnel.

Ads delivered.

Graphics designed.

Media schedules placed.

Cups of coffee consumed.




Our latest product is your sales funnel’s new best friend.

Meet Maarla: Marketing Automation and Real Live Assistance



Puts a Human on Your Website

The hottest term in marketing is Human. Why? Because research shows people want to interact with humans – even on websites.  In fact – more the 60% of Millennials say they prefer live chat on a website vs. traditional communication methods like telephone. Maarla helps you humanize your site so visitors engage more quickly and for longer.



Eliminates Invisible Web Visitors

Once you’ve established contact with a visitor on your website, Maarla will help you capture the visitor’s personal information so you can continue to interact with them as they move through the sales funnel. No more “invisible” customers on your website.



Helps Your Sales Team Focus On Hot Leads

After you’ve captured your prospect’s information, Maarla can help you communicate with them “automagically”.  Maarla can follow each customer through the sales funnel until they are a hot lead, or ready-to-buy. That’s where your sales team can jump in and assist the customer through the final steps of the sales funnel.

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What others are saying

  • “Our new BUSINESS NAME & LOGO are world class!”
    TrustPoint – Land Transfer CompanyMary D.
  • “We were completely floored by the quality & price. Our website looks like a million bucks!”
    Comstock & SonsTami C.
  • “Our web traffic is up literally 600%. They are our secret weapon!”
    Meshbesher & Associates AttorneysPhyllis P.
  • ““We LOVE MarketShare Masters designs. They’re GRRREAT!” ”
    Kellogg’sJonathon M.
  • “The logo blew my mind!!!”
    Say You Will WeddingsKristen S.

If you’re looking to make your advertising spend deliver better results, consider MarketShare Masters’ proprietary Media Planning services. Compared to other Media Planning Agencies, our proven “Forced Frequency” process makes one advertising dollar feel and work like two dollars…and often more.

How is this better? Other Media Planning  companies rely solely on computer generated campaigns that often deliver “Spray and Pray” message placement.  In addition to using computer generated media analytics and data, we hand craft every campaign using our exclusive 7 step media buying process.  This ensures “real life” repetition so your message breaks through the clutter and your target customer hears your message more.  

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