25 Things Every Small Business Should Automate

25 Things Every Small Business Should Automate

Business is sluggish. Revenue is flat.  You feel desperate to capture those sales leads that keep slipping away. As a business owner, however, you struggle to find time to get everything done.

Marketing Automation is the solution that successful companies, both large and small are using it to automate business processes.  Once business operations have been automated, it becomes possible for an owner to get back to managing their business.

Nearly 80 percent of top-performing companies have used marketing automation for more than two years, according to the research firm Gleanster.

In our e-Book “25 Things Every Small Business Should Automate” we cover six areas of your business that can be made more efficient using automation software: leads, sales, e-commerce, customer service and engagement, events and office management.

Lead Capture & Management

Not responding to leads promptly, means they will simply go elsewhere.  Customers want immediate attention and they will search to find a business that will quickly respond to their needs.  Automating that response guarantees that lead will get their response quickly, not when you have time to get back to them.

The process of automation continues as the prospect moves through the stages of the sales funnel, from first learning about you, to understanding your unique selling propositions, to finally making the decision to purchase from you.


Automation software organizes the existing process that sales reps follow to close a deal.  There are four basic stages to the sales process: new opportunity, contacting, engaging, and qualified.  Having this automation process in place, allows consistency and visibility in your sales pipeline.

Marketing Automation software like Infusionsoft is used by automation experts like MarketShare Masters in Minneapolis, MN, to prioritize leads. Individual leads are ranked using lead scoring. The sales team is alerted as a lead moves into the bottom of the sales funnel – or becomes ready to buy.


Generating repeat business by selling to an existing customer is a great asset of automation software.  Automatically prompting those current customers that it is time to place another order before they run out, helps them to stay current with their inventory and increase your sales.

Automation software can let you know about shopping carts that were filled but an order was not placed or was eventually abandoned.  The automated processes you set up will help with collecting your payments or even stop failed charges from happening with cards that are about to expire.

Customer Service and Engagement

Six in ten consumers have decided against an intended purchase or business transaction because of poor customer service, according to a report prepared for American Express.  Having a “Contact Us” link on every email, lets customers quickly contact you without searching for that information.  Infusionsoft software can let an employee know that someone needs help or has a question.

In this busy world, people need reminders for things like appointments.  Automating this process, saves both the customer and the business time when appointments must be changed or canceled.  Sending out surveys to customers to find out how satisfied they are with your service, can be another powerful asset of automation software.


Hosting an event can be an all-consuming process.  Some of the most time-consuming tasks of event planning like: sign-ups, confirmations and reminders can be automated to allow more time for other event activities.  Automation software can take the attendee’s information and generate confirmation emails and changes or updates that may take place during an event.

Office Management

Routine and repetitive tasks can be done by Infusionsoft software to help you stay organized and make sure everyone receives all the information and documents needed.  Applying tags to customers can issue tasks to remind you of next steps or generate follow-up emails to allow the sales process to flow smoothly.

Applying a tag to a contact can automatically send out an email that a certain form or document is needed to complete by the contact.


Our team at MarketShare Masters in Minneapolis, MN are certified Marketing Automation specialists, using marketing and sales automation tools like Infusionsoft. We can help your small business understand the tremendous advantages the technology provides.

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25 Things Every Small Business Should Automate

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