MarketShare Masters is a full service advertising agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company, founded in 2006, is dedicated to “MarketShare Masters”; businesses owners and operators who have used effective advertising to capture major market share and revenue. The company’s proprietary advertising formulas and processes are patterned after theirs, and have proven to be effective, time and time again.

Products & Services:

MarketShare Masters offers a full range of advertising products and services including: Business Naming, URLs, Slogans, Logos, Audio Logos Jingles, Websites, Business Cards, Copy Writing, Business Identity, Signage, Planning & Strategy, Consulting, Social Media, Brochures, Direct Mail, Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation, Promotions, Partnerships and more.


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We know the formula that works and have proven its success over and over again!

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Engaging with your audience.
That’s what we’re here for.

6 Reasons To Hire An Advertising Agency


Eliminates Ad Rep Meetings

How many calls do you get from Media Reps wanting to sell you something? “If you don’t act now you’ll miss out! Your competition will buy our Fire Sale, and you’ll go out of business!!” Right?! Sound familiar?! AND Overwhelming? AND TIME CONSUMING!!!??? Using an Ad Agency allows you to forward all Media Rep calls to the Agency. You then have control of what you see, and when you see it. Imagine what YOU can do to grow your business with your free time!

Increased Time For Your Work

You get the point. Advertising Agencies specialize in marketing, advertising, social media, etc. Not Widgets. The good ones know how to get you to the top of a Google search, create your new website, and design your brochure…YOU KNOW the stuff you’ve been MEANING to finish – but don’t really know how! With ONE relationship, you can gain expert advice in a field that is CONSTANTLY changing. Use your time to sell Widgets. Not to learn Advertising 101.

Check out our portfolio and see which sevices and products we offer!


Our Services are Free

Having and Advertising Agency purchase your media for you is FREE. Here’s how: when purchasing most media (TV, radio, cable etc), the Ad Agency is paid a commission (typically 15%) by the media outlet. This means you get the afore mentioned “better rates, single invoices, etc.” , AND you don’t have to pay a nickle more!

We are experts in planning and buying media, discover our media planning and buying strategies!


Less Book Work

You’ve been there before. The invoice arrives from the Yellow Pages guy. Then the kid who did your webpage sends you a bill. But you thought you paid that one? And so on. And so on. Working with an Ad Agency allows you to simply work off of one, itemized invoice. Saving time, hassle and frustration is the new black.


Better Rates

Many advertisers work directly through Media Outlets. We have the perspective of having worked inside many of these Media Outlets – and trust us – these advertisers are paying full price,…and often MUCH more! Working through an Ad Agency, you leverage the buying power of other clients which results in you getting – a better rate! The Agency’s Great Price = Your Great Price!


Use MarketShare Masters

We’ll stay on top of the latest technology and data analysis for you. What’s the best way to keep customers engaged with your website? We know.  How are the analytics on your website looking? We can tell you. What’s the latest social media craze you’ve never heard of? We have.  We are students of all things technology and data analysis so you don’t have to be. We’d love to help!


4 Reasons To Hire MarketShare Masters


Better Frequency

Our exclusive “Forced Frequency” Media Buying formula forces your commercial through the clutter. It works so well that other big agencies have actually commented that our clients are spending too much money per media outlet – when in fact they were actually spending less than previously – only sounding bigger than they actually were!



Serious Experience

Literally ANYONE can hang up an Advertising Agency shingle. Unlike virtually every other profession, there is ZERO experience, education or training required. We’ve witnessed some agencies drive multiple clients out of business, then move on to other unsuspecting business owners. At MarketShare Masters – our founder alone has more than 30 years of helping clients capture massive revenue and market share. Add the talents of our other team members and you’ve got an amazing pool of resources to help you with nearly every advertising challenge.


More Bang For Your Buck

Our proprietary Media Buying process makes one advertising dollar feel and work like two dollars…or more. Many Advertising Agency & Media Representatives will sell clients on “package deals” or campaigns with computer generated frequency. These campaigns often employ “Spray and Pray” message placement – which is the recipe for advertising and revenue disaster. Wanna stay in business? It’s something to think about!



Our Name Says It All

Our exclusive formulas and processes are patterned after the MarketShare Masters – business owners and operators that have captured MASSIVE market share and revenue via advertising. Like our exclusive 7 step Media Buying formula. And our proprietary Product Review process. Ask one of our satisfied clients. If they can take a minute to pull themselves away from the cash register – they’ll tell you your search for business growth ends TODAY!


What are clients say about us

  • “We were completely floored by the quality & price. Our website looks like a million bucks!”
    Comstock & SonsTami C.
  • ““We LOVE MarketShare Masters designs. They’re GRRREAT!” ”
    Kellogg’sJonathon M.
  • “Our web traffic is up literally 600%. They are our secret weapon!”
    Meshbesher & Associates AttorneysPhyllis P.
  • “The logo blew my mind!!!”
    Say You Will WeddingsKristen S.
  • “Our new BUSINESS NAME & LOGO are world class!”
    TrustPoint – Land Transfer CompanyMary D.

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