Are You Buying Media with Blinders On?

Are You Buying Media with Blinders On?

Advertising Agency Advantage

Advertising Agency Advantage #1: Pricing Perspective:

As much as we all want to believe that we are getting the best prices possible, buying directly from the media often puts business owners and marketing directors in the precarious position of “buying in a vacuum”.

Media prices can fluctuate dramatically based on demand and the market. What might be a great rate today could literally be double the rate available at other times.

A client placing media dollars on their own has no real way to compare whether rates are competitive.

We often find clients who, left unchecked, have become blind to the ebbs and flows of media pricing.  By no fault of their own, we find them paying significantly more than the current market rates.

One of the advantages of using a professional media buyer is pricing perspective. With clients of all sizes, an agency has the benefit of understanding the current price range and competitive playing field.

The agency media buyer perspective = your great price!

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