Chapter 2 Advertising Foundation Products: Putting Your Horse Before Your Cart

Chapter 2 Advertising Foundation Products: Putting Your Horse Before Your Cart

This is the first of a number of posts about the three categories of advertising and marketing products and services our agency sells.

There, I said it. We sell stuff.

So do you, right? Our stuff is not optional or frivolous. You need at least some of it to help your business grow. And we want to help you help your business grow!

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We sell in 3 categories of advertising products:

  1. Foundation Products: Products to have in place before you start to push leads into your sales funnel to maximize your return on investment.
  2. Growth Products: Products that help grow your share of the market (new customers).
  3. Maintenance Products: Products that help grow share of wallet (with previous and existing clients).

Foundation Products

The first category we’ll talk about is Foundation Products—the key things your business should have in

place before you commence advertising and marketing efforts that drive leads into your sales funnel.

These include:

  • Business name
  • URL (website address)
  • Logo,
  • Jingle/Audio Logo
  • Corporate Identity (business cards, letterhead, etc.)
  • Website
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Brand Brief
  • CRM System
  • Lead Capture/Marketing Automation System

You may be thinking, “well…duh…of course, you wouldn’t start marketing and advertising without a

business name, website or logo!” As easy or as basic as these things sound, they really are the

foundations of your marketing plan. The better you can make them from the start, the easier it will be

for your advertising to work.

An Overview: Foundation Products Planning:

First thing’s first—name your business, and name it well. Your business name should be carefully thought out. Does it represent what your company does? Will people know what you do by hearing the name of your company? John Doe Company doesn’t let the public know that you make the best birthday cakes in town. But…John Dough Company? Getting closer! We have a genius naming division as part of our agency. For a very affordable price, you can get 25-50 Business Name recommendations in a matter of a week.

Follow your business name up with a hooky, easy to remember slogan. Have your slogan make up for anything you are missing in your name. Say your mom threatened to kick you out of the family if you didn’t go with the John Doe business name spelling in homage to great, great, great grandpa Doe? No problem – make up for it with the slogan “Amazing Cakes – Not a lot of Dough”. I’m not the company Naming & Slogan Master – but you get the point.

So now you have a name & slogan. The next step is a great logo, as most every company needs corporate identity products like business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc. These help make your brandlook buttoned up. Need help with this? We’re good at it.

What’s next? A website of course. Yes, you do need one. Even if you don’t have eCommerce – and only sell via your brick and mortar location – you need a presence online. Did you know that 72% of Millennials research their options online before purchasing at a store or mall? (Adobe CMO, 5/7/14)

If people can’t find you online, they won’t find you. If you think in this day and age you can build it and they will come: fuggettaboutit!

Start with a memorable web address (URL). is fine, but if that name happens to be long or difficult to remember, you might consider a vanity URL. Again, our creative naming gurus can brainstorm a list of vanity URL’s in a matter of days so you don’t have to! For instance, You get the idea!

Your website can be simple, with just a few pages to help shoppers find your brick and mortar, or complicated, with full eCommerce. It just depends on your business and what people will be searching for once they find you. Don’t forget to consider the devices people search and shop on these days. Make sure you have a mobile and tablet friendly version (we call that a responsive website in the biz) so people can find what they want without having to read microscopic print!

And, you guessed it, we can design a beautiful, effective website for you, very affordably. (Starting to see a pattern here?)

One of the most important foundational products today is having a CRM and lead capture & marketing automation system in place. Often we encounter advertisers who tell us “our advertising isn’t working”.

Upon further investigation, we find they have plenty of traffic coming to their website – but the traffic is not being engaged. The web visitors leave before the merchant even knows they were there. We call this: The Invisible Online Sales Funnel.

We are experts in helping in this category. In fact, we just became Certified Partners with the world’s number one small business marketing automation product, Infusionsoft. Even better – we’re one of the only Infusionsoft Certifed Partners in the world that can help our customers with literally every stage of their sales funnel – from pushing leads into the funnel via traditional mass media advertising, all the way

through to the close and back on through to additional purchases by “wow”-ing the customer post purchase.

It’s important to start with a solid foundation! We’ll talk more about each of these Foundation Products later.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in our MarketShare Masters AdMaster Series: Advertising Growth

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