Planning & Strategy


Strategy, Planning & Buying

Need a better bang for your advertising buck? With MarketShare Masters – you get a one-two punch:
• Traditional media services – using our exclusive “forced frequency” formula
• Expert use of powerful new media tools that are helping turn start-ups into billion dollar brands

Traditional: We offer a full range of strategy, planning and media buying services to help you connect with more potential customers, with better frequency and recency. Research shows this means you will capture more revenue and market share than your competition. Our proprietary strategy, planning and buying will help your brand explode through the clutter.

New Media Tools: Our Media Team is hyper-focused on finding the very latest technology & tools to make our media buys more effective. These are the same tools that are helping many smart start-ups quickly evolve into billion dollar brands. Combining these tools with our powerful media planning and buying – we consistently deliver more results for clients without significantly increasing their advertising budget.
Would you like to hear the story of how we crushed all records for attendance and revenue at our client’s event…not once…but twice? Moreover, we used less budget than the previous media buyer. As you can imagine, we’d love to share the story with you.

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Planning & Strategy

You say your business has better products than your competitors.
Why then are…
Customers not knocking down your doors ???
You invested thousands of dollars in your fabulous website.
But for some reason…
The other guy is kicking your butt !!!
Compared to the competition – your customer service rocks.
How, then, can it be that…
Your revenue is down ???
Knock knock!
How long will you wait before you take action?
If you know where you want to go…
But you cannot seem to get there…
Call us now!
We know exactly how to help you:

  • Capture market share
  • Increase revenue
  • Crush the competition

Join other successful businesses that are using marketshare masters advertising’s exclusive marketing & advertising planning!
Our planning and strategy process is patterned after the most successful advertisers in the world.
It has proven effective time and time again.
We’ll use it to create and set in motion a step-by-step plan to achieve your revenue growth goals!

contact marketshare masters advertising now. Let us help you start growing today!

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