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BATC Remodel of the KARE 11 Backyard: America’s Most Spectacular TV Station Weather Backyard!


The Brief.

As the media agency and marketing consultant to the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC), in 2014, MarketShare Masters helped forge a long-term sponsorship of Grow With KARE (GWK) segment on popular Minneapolis/St. Paul TV Station KARE 11, which is taped in outdoors, in the KARE 11 Backyard. Nearly every weather cast on the station also takes place in the backyard.

The Plan.

During a meeting regarding the GWK sponsorship, a representative of the station explained that the Backyard was in disrepair and in bad need of a face-lift.

The MarketShare Masters team, led by owner Loni Werner, brought this challenge to BATC, along with the outline of a potential program in which BATC and its members could re-make the backyard in exchange for major exposure via the station demonstrating the superior skills of BATC’s membership.


Skills Used.

Illustration: 100%
Photoshop: 80%
After Effects: 70%

1.000.000. People Saw Massive Promotion On Kare 11

100.000 Visitors on Choose You Favorite Backyard Design

15.000 Votes for the Backyard Design Contest




Phase 1: The Contest

The design partner, award winning Southview Design, created two spectacular full color design plans for a new Backyard: a “Northwoods” design and a “Modern” design.

Among the most innovative elements of the entire program was via the Personal Designer Home Visualizer tool – on online version of each of the backyard plans – where users could “play in the sandbox” and make their own unique designs using the Northwoods and Modern Plans.

KARE 11 delivered constant and powerful promotion encouraging viewers to vote for their favorite of two designs via this link.  This first “leg” of the project was, by every measure, a gigantic success.

The “Northwoods” design version won – by a landslide.

Phase 2: Deconstruction & Reconstruction

In Spring of 2014 – bulldozers and dump truck arrived in the KARE 11 Backyard.  Old fences were torn down, concrete broken up, and tons of rubble and debris and hauled away for environmentally sound disposal – and the old Backyard slowly disappeared. The old wooden KARE 11 sign was donated to the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting for display.

One innovative element of the project was viewers were allowed to watch the entire project on via a live streaming camera placed on the studio roof.

With deconstruction complete, BATC and its partner members designed & implemented a new hardscape and softscape (to be changed seasonally) for the Backyard. This included permanent signage identifying BATC and participating partners.

Phase 3: The Reveal, Moving Forward & Other Fun Stuff

After two month of construction, the new BATC KARE 11 was revealed in 2014. A Time Capsule was buried – to be opened July 23, in 2044 – 30 years from the new backyard reveal.

The video shows the incredible new Backyard reveal on air and gives some highlights from the project.


How It Went Down.


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