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Your Search for the Best Media Planning Services is Over

If you’re searching for media planning services or considering media planning agencies we offer a word of caution; ask tough questions.  The future of your business is at stake.  Unfortunately – there is no experience, training or success required to assume the title Media Planner or Media Buyer.  After 30+ years in advertising media planning, our team has seen many media planning companies and media buying agencies come and go.

We’ve witnessed many businesses suffer at the hands of unqualified marketing consultants, media planning companies and media buying agencies.  You’ll notice they conduct inconsistent advertising campaigns across too many stations and mediums. We call it the “spray and pray” method and we have watched it drive many businesses into the ground – particularly in competitive marketplaces.

Traditional Media Planning Services + Real Life Frequency = Better R.O.I.

During our many years in the media – we noticed some “interesting” facts about the media buys made by many media buying companies and media planning agencies.  Their plans looked FABULOUS on paper. A perfect 3.0 Frequency! Unfortunately – many times – it was plain as day that in real-life – the buy was milk toast!  Too few commercials over too many hours.  Often, after running these “spray and pray” campaigns, we would hear from business owners: “Advertising doesn’t work!”

Successful business owners and operators know: advertising does work when done properly by a professional Media Buying Agency.  At MarketShare Masters, we’ve taken the tactics of the most successful advertisers and combined them with traditional computer-generated media buying tactics.  From this we developed our exclusive 7-step Media Buying Agency process. We think it is the most effective on earth. It makes our client’s message “explode” through the clutter. We’re different than most media buying companies, and that’s a good thing. We make one dollar in advertising work like two…or more!

No nickle and diming

We’re the only advertising company we know of that doesn’t charge you extra for advertising creative services when you use us for media buying services. When we purchase a qualifying media campaign for you, we’ll provide professional creative services at no additional charge! We’ll be happy to discuss details and qualifying purchases.


Our Media Planning Services

  • Market analysis
  • Tribe identification
  • Demographic analysis
  • Qualitative research
  • Competitive media analysis
  • Advertising media planning
  • Media research
  • Media planning services
  • Media negotiation
  • Media placement
  • Digital media planning services
  • Digital media buying services
  • Big data analysis 

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