Social Media Planning

One of the service levels we offer is Social Media Marketing

Social media planning can be complex and the notion of conducting the right Social Media Campaign for your brand can feel intimidating.

Here’s a bit of comfort.  It can also be very simple for a busy business owner or Marketing Manager – at least to start.

Start with the basics: Social Media banner advertising. It’s simple, affordable…and it can be super targeted. For example, put up a billboard on a street where only your potential customers drive.

Create your banners. Plant them on the Social Media avenues that make the most sense for your business or product and Viola!

Sit back and wait for target consumers to read your banners and say “Hey, this is what I want !”

Social Media Tools

Like all good advertising, next thing you know;  your product has moved from your shelf and your cash register has recorded a sale. That’s it. That’s what effective Social media planning is all about. So all you need to know is – what kind of banner you need to prepare and where should you plant it. Your “banner” options are:-

  • Websites
  • Social Media platforms
  • Blogging
  • Articles ( SEO)
  • Video postings

These are some of the basic podiums you can use for effectively marketing your business product on Social media. Most important is your website. That is the fulcrum around which all other Social media tools can be applied.

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Social Media Planning

What to market?

  • What is the target of business output desired through social media planning?
  • To whom do you market?
  • What is the social media planning budget?
  • Where is the target consumer on social media?
  • What marketing tools are available on targeted social media?
  • What content to post on social media?
  • How to generate maximum traffic or maximize ad visibility?
  • How to evaluate the success of Social media planning?

Depending upon the product, its user profile and target consumer’s social media usage, a mix of these prominent social media tools can be used to promote a business product.

  • Facebook: Facebook is the number one social media platform. Create a Facebook page of your product. Give it a human face. Make it fun to look at and adequately informative about the product. If budget allows, use the Facebook paid-ad feature. Add a Facebook button to all business emails and also on the business website. Set up an RSS feeds button.
  • Twitter: It is used mostly by young adult professionals with reasonably high incomes. Create a very simple and catchy twitter hashtag but one which indicates the product. For ex: #herbalsoaps or #petgrooming. Twitter is a very transparent social media platform. You can see who is posting what to whom. Use social media tools like ‘open site explorer’ to know who is interacting with your competitors. Bingo! They are your target customers. Tweet and retweet on trends related to your product and send out links of your product and website, Facebook page etc.
  • LinkedIn: Mostly used by male adult professionals and businessmen. Average LinkedIn user’s annual income is $109,000. It is very descriptive about user profile so reaching your target customer is much easier. Create an informative and trendy LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn page. Send messages and invitations to your network and other target groups.
  • Pinterest: Used mostly by online shopping women, it’s a treasure-trove social media tool if your product has an appeal for women.
  • Youtube: Seeing is believing. AV medium is the most effective marketing tool. A sleek presentation and a very intelligent keyword usage can attract a lot of traffic. Links to your website, Facebook page and more Youtube videos etc can be added to the video. Youtube’s sponsored advertisement feature assures more eyeballs than any other medium.
  • Blog: Blog sites like Blogger or WordPress or any other country or region specific blog site can be quite effective. Create a cool blog, sprinkle it with interesting pictures, videos and links to your other media and join blog conversations in your product segment. Let your blog be very educational and informative without being overtly solicitous.

Each of these social media platforms can compliment each other and enhance your product awareness multifold and the best part is – it’s almost #atnocost or #atverylowprice compared to other traditional media. All you need is a small dedicated team of social media savvy professionals who can create and monitor the buzz on social media and know all theSocial media tools that are required to add traffic to your websites and your social media pages. If the product is ok and the social media planning is in experienced hands, results can be #simplymindboggling !

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